Mesotherapy – perfectly complemented by our Ultra-V Booster

Our mesotherapy products provide your customers with the perfect combination of maximum efficacy and high-quality ingredients.

These products enable you to provide high quality solutions for every skin type. The ingredients are co-ordinated with each other in the optimal concentration, ensuring a supple and revitalised skin. Simultaneously, the collagen induction is activated, providing your customers with a fresh and youthful radiance with glow effect.

Our Meso Portfolio:

• Ultra Booster HA 2,5 Revital Skin

• Derma Booster HA 2,6 Skin Regeneration

• Idebenone Booster HA 2,5 Antioxidant Skin

• Celletox Booster HA 2,6 Elastic Skin

The ingredients include, in addition to others, sodium hyaluronate, polydeoxyribonucleotides, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals and peptides.